Ragging is strictly prohibited and is a punishable offense (crime ) by law. Ragging is taken seriously by print media, Government and human Right Commission. Zero tolerance to ragging has been adopted./ Anybody found involved in ragging will be removed from the college rolls.

Ragging is identified as a systematic and sustained physical, mental and sexual abuse of fresher(s) or junior student of the college(s)/university(ies)/anyother education institution(s) at the hands of senior student(s) and sometimes even by outsiders in campus and hostel

For the purpose of prohibition of ragging in educational institutions, this institution has ragging monitoring cell and a disciplinary committee.

in addition to constitution of anti-ragging and disciplinary committees, the institution has formed:

    • Anti-ragging Groups for Prevention of ragging in premises rotating every three months. Each consists of:

a. HODs of Various departments.
b. Faculty members.
c. Wardens of various hostels

  • Different Anti-ragging Groups from First Professional Staff to curb ragging in college premises from the main entrance to teach classes & premises.
  • Superintendent Police has been instruted to take steps to prevent ragging of newly admitted students outside the main gate, main road and other main roads entreating the city.

The copies of these circulars form Dean, Datia Medical College , Daita are Sent to Chairman Human Right, Principal Secretary & Director Medical Education, M.P. Bhopal, Commissioner, Collector, Superintendent Police, Chairman & Members of anti-ragging, ALL HODs Datia Medical College, Datia for information & Necessary action.

For any complaints regarding ragging contact on Toll free number